2020, online, Lithuania

The 20th International Competition-Festival “Music without limits” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the birth of Olga Steinberg (1920-2005) and Alexander Livont (1920-1974). The competition will be held online.

Competition results

Diplomas were sent by e-mail by e-mail specified in the participant’s form

Winners’ concert

List of participants

Application forms of the participants and YOUTUBE link (video) will be accepted until 20 November 2020. Email:

All videos must be in one link on the YOUTUBE channel. The program to be performed in the video must be in the order specified in the application. The video must show the face of the participant (for the pianists – face and hands). The video must be stable. The program requirements for participants specified in the regulations do not change.

The results of the competition will be announced by mid-December, 2020.

The winners and diploma holders will be awarded with diplomas. Diplomas will be sent by email.

The best performers will have the opportunity to participate in concerts or participate in other competitions for free. The best performers in the III (Concert) category will have the opportunity to play with St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra (Lithuania).

The organisers offer online master-classes.

Participant fees have been changed.


Competition will be held in 5th categories:

I. Soloists – piano, harpsichord, organ, string, wind, percussion, folk instruments, vocal or instrumental (classical or popular music).
Accompanists also might participate in the competition.
II. Ensembles:

a)     various chamber instruments (duets, trio, quartet and more);

b)    vocal (classical a cappella or with piano duets, trio, quartet and more);

c)     piano ensembles (for 4, 6, 8 hands, for piano duo);

d)    harpsichord with four hands or with early instruments;

e)     popular music ensembles (vocal or/and instrumental).

III. Concerts for piano with chamber orchestra (by agreement with the organizers, concerts can be performed with other instruments with a chamber orchestra). Concert recordings can be with the approval of the piano performing the orchestra part or with the orchestra (available with orchestral recording). Concerts may not be from the list in the regulations.

IV. Jazz performers:

a)     soloists (vocal, various instruments);

b)    ensembles (vocal and/or instrumental).

V. Amateurs:

a)     soloists (vocal, various instruments, also concerts for piano with chamber orchestra;

b)    ensembles (vocal and/or instruments).

For any information you can write by the email: