The 21th International Competition-Festival “Music without limits” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition). The competition will be held 2021, 10-19 August.


This year the legendary French pianist Eugen Indjic agreed to participate in the 21th International Competition-Festival “Music without limits”. He will give a recital, hold open master classes, and give a lecture on the interpretation of mazurkas by F. Chopin. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

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Competition will be held in 5th categories:

I. Soloists – piano, harpsichord, organ, string, wind, percussion, folk instruments, vocal or instrumental (classical or popular music).
Accompanists also might participate in the competition.
II. Ensembles:

a)     various chamber instruments (duets, trio, quartet and more);

b)    vocal (classical a cappella or with piano duets, trio, quartet and more);

c)     piano ensembles (for 4, 6, 8 hands, for piano duo);

d)    harpsichord with four hands or with early or contemporary instruments;

e)     popular music ensembles (vocal or/and instrumental).

III. Concerts for piano with chamber orchestra (by agreement with the organizers, concerts can be performed with other instruments with a chamber orchestra).

IV. Jazz performers:

a)     soloists (vocal, various instruments);

b)    ensembles (vocal and/or instrumental).

V. Amateurs:

a)     soloists (vocal, various instruments, also concerts for piano with chamber orchestra;

b)    ensembles (vocal and/or instruments).

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