The 21th International Competition-Festival “Music without limits” (online).
The competition was held online

Participants of competition

Special Prizelinija

Participants submit applications with YOUTUBE video links
until 2021 December 1

The video must be uploaded on YouTube, entries on other media are not permitted. Information about uploading your video can be found in the HELP section of the YouTube platform.

Participation fee

A copy of a birth certificate or passport and Bank statement of a paid application fee should be sent by e-mail
Documents must be sent by email:


Competition will be held in 5th categories:

I. Soloists – piano, harpsichord, organ, string, wind, percussion, folk instruments, vocal or instrumental (classical or popular music).
Accompanists also might participate in the competition.
II. Ensembles:

a)     various chamber instruments (duets, trio, quartet and more);

b)    vocal (classical a cappella or with piano duets, trio, quartet and more);

c)     piano ensembles (for 4, 6, 8 hands, for piano duo);

d)    harpsichord with four hands or with early or contemporary instruments;

e)     popular music ensembles (vocal or/and instrumental).

III. Concerts for piano (or string, or wind, or folk instrument solo) with orchestra (parts I or II and III). Videos can be presented  with an orchestra or with a piano when the orchestra part is performed by the piano.

IV. Jazz performers:

a)     soloists (vocal, various instruments);

b)    ensembles (vocal and/or instrumental).

V. Amateurs:

a)     soloists (vocal, various instruments, also concerts for piano with chamber orchestra;

b)    ensembles (vocal and/or instruments).


For any information you can write by the email: