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General rules

International Competition and Festival “Music without limits” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) will take place on 14-23 August 2024 at M. K. Ciurlionis Art School in Druskininkai (Vytauto St. 23, Druskininkai, Lithuania).

1. Participants of the Competition

1.1 The Competition will be held in 3 categories:

I. Soloist – piano, string.

II. Ensembles:

a) chamber instrumental (duo, trio, quartet and others);

b) vocal (a cappella or with accompanist duo, trio, quartet and others);

c) instrumental (classical, jazz or pop music);

d) piano ensembles (four, six, eight hands, two pianos);

e) harpsichord with four hands or with early or contemporary instruments

III. Concerts with chamber orchestra. For a list of concertos, see Appendix No. 1.

With the organizers’ consent, concertos may also be performed for string instruments with the chamber orchestra. 1.2. Accompanists-pianists also can participate in the Competition. 1.3. Soloists are divided into 7 groups:

Group Age limits Duration of a programme
Up to 10 years old
7-10 minutes
11-13 years old
11-15 minutes
14-16 years old
16-19 minutes
17-20 years old
20-25 minutes
21-25 years old
20-25 minutes
Above 26 years
20-30 minutes
Amateurs (without age limit)
10-20 minutes

1.4. The programme is up to the competitor’s choice. All repertoires must be performed from memory. It is preferable to include a Ukraina composer’s piece of music. The vocalists perform the works in the original language.
1.5. Ensembles are divided into 5 groups:

Group Education Duration of a programme
Grades 1-8
8-10 minutes
Middle section
12-20 minutes
Higher school students and graduates (without age limit)
20-30 minutes
A teacher and a secondary or higher school student
10-15 minutes
Amateurs (without age limit)
10-20 minutes

1.6. The programme is up to the competitor’s choice. It is desirable to include a baroque or classical piece and a Lithuanian composer’s piece of music. Performing of the programme from music score will have no influence on the results of the competition.

1.7. There is no age limit for participants playing concerts with the chamber orchestra. Participants in this category are divided according to the age groups of the soloists (1.3). These participants are free to choose any concert from Part I or Part II-III from the list below (see Appendix No. 1).

1.8. Category Concerts with chamber orchestra take place in two tours:

ROUND I: Concerts are performed by two pianos. Performers with high scores are invited to participate in Round II.

ROUND II: Concerts are performed with the Competition-Festival Chamber Orchestra

1.9. Only the participants of the festival: people of different ages, playing different instruments, wishing to get acquainted with early or other instruments, can participate in various ensembles.

2. Schedule of the Competition

14 August

From 10.00 AM participants registration at M. K. Ciurlionis Art School (Vytauto St. 23)

3.00 PM Scientific-methodical conference.

15 August

3.00 PM opening ceremony.

16-21 August

Competition, master-classes, seminars, concerts, discussion club. A participant can receive 2 master classes of 45 minutes each.

22 August

5.00 PM closing ceremony, concert of laureates, awards.

23 August


3. Application procedure

3.1. The application form can be found at
The application form must be filled just on the online. Handwritten or email applications are not accepted.

3.2. Application forms of the participants will be admitted until 1 July 2024. In exceptional cases, the deadline can be extended.

3.3. A copy of a birth certificate or passport and Bank statement of a paid application fee should be sent by e-mail

3.4. Organizers are not responsible for any mistakes in the booklet — all information is written from participants’
applications and other documents.

3.5. Documents must be sent by email:

3.6. Applications data sent after 1 July 2024 will not be presented in the booklet.

4. Participation fee

4.1. The participation fee:

a) For soloists and chamber orchestra performers: 150 EUR (included: participation at the competition, 2 individual lessons, performing at the festival’s concerts, seminars and other activities)
If accompanist of the instrumentalists, vocalists or concert pianists for the piano concert with the chamber orchestra wish to enter the competition and qualify for the prize, they also have to pay a participation fee of 75 EUR; if not, there is no fee.
If you need our competition-festival’s accompanist, you need to pay extra 50 EUR (one rehearsal in the concert hall and performance at the competition).
b) For an ensemble category shall be 75 EUR for each member (included: participation at the competition, 2 individual lessons, performing at the festival’s concerts, seminars and other activities);
c) Fee only for festival participants: 100 EUR (included: 2 individual lessons, performing at the festival’s concerts, seminars and other activities).

4.2. For those interested in attending only the master classes, the price is 45 euros per lesson (45 minutes in duration).

4.3. The fee is non-refundable.

4.4. A performer may participate in several categories and / or ensembles: the competition program may not be repeated, a separate application form shall be completed for each category or ensemble, and the entry fee shall be paid for each application.

4.5. Teachers participating in the competition program and the conference will receive a qualification development certificate. The fee is 15 euros.

4.6. The participation fee is due to 1 July 2024.

4.7. The beneficiary of the fee:

LMD “XXI amziaus muzika ir svietimas”
Code: 195707891
Address: Seimyniskiu St. 42-10, LT-09213 Vilnius
IBAN: LT31 7044 0600 0149 2467
Name of the bank: AB SEB Bank

4.8. The cost of transferring money to the bank shall be borne by the participant.

4.9. The details of the payment: the name, category and age of the participant.

4.10. If a participation fee is paid for by another person, the fee to be paid for each participant must be specified, including the name, category and age of the participant.

4.11. Fifteen Ukraine war refugees – participants of the competition or festival will be able to participate at no cost, provided they are Ukrainian students studying in Lithuania.

5. Awards

5.1. Winners and diploma holders will be awarded with special diplomas and prizes.

5.2. Grand Prix winners will be granted cash prizes.

5.3. The best participants will have the opportunity to make concerts in Lithuania – with string quartets of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic, “Musica Humana” ensemble, St. Christopher’s Chamber Orchestra. Concerts in “Organum” hall, Vilnius Town Hall, Museum of Applied Arts, Paliesius, Viešiūnai manors. Concerts in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Costa Rica, with the chamber orchestra “Academy” (Ukraine) in Slovakia, Poland.

5.4. Special prizes for the performance of a works by a Ukrainian and Lithuanian composers.

6. Additional information

6.1. Level of performances will be evaluated by the International Jury.

6.2. All decisions of the Jury are final.

6.3. The Jury reserves the right to interrupt a contestant’s performance if the time limit is exceeded.

6.4. The organizers of the festival reserve all rights pertaining to the recordings and broadcasts of the performances without any remuneration to the participants involved.

6.5. Master classes and individual lessons conducted by renowned professors from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine other countries.

6.6. The organizers will guaranty two individual lessons after 45 minutes, an opportunity to participate in concerts and seminars for each contestant.

6.7. Travel and other expenses shall be paid by the participants.

6.8. We will be happy to help you find a place to stay, offer you the best catering establishments, the most beautiful places in Druskininkai (see appendix No. 2).

6.9. The application form and the Competition news are at We also invite you to like official page on Facebook “MUZIKA BE SIENŲ”.

6.10. In case of any doubt, please call:
+370 685 67621 Prof. Veronika Vitaitė and by email
+370 686 32612 Assoc. Prof. Rolandas Aidukas and by email
We will kindly help you. We are waiting for you in Druskininkai!

6.11. Visa application form:
Fill in and send by email

Name (in Latin letters according to a foreign passport)
Surname (in Latin letters according to a foreign passport)
Date of Birth
Gender (w / m)
Place of Birth
Series, number of the foreign passport
Address, phone, fax, email
Place of work or study
Arrival date
Departure date
Accommodation in Druskininkai (hotel or guest house)
Confirmation from the hotel or guest house must be sent

Appendix No. 1

The performers of the concerts for soloist and chamber orchestra can choose I or II-III movement of any concerto from the presented list:

Piano concertos:


1) Concerto A-dur BWV 1055
2) Concerto f-moll BWV 1056
3) Concerto for two pianos No. 1 c-moll BWV 1060
4) Concerto for two pianos No. 3 c-moll BWV 1062


1) Concerto D-dur Hob. XVIII
2) Concerto C-dur


1) Concerto C-dur KV 415
2) Concerto Es-dur KV 449


1) Concerto No. 1 e-moll op. 11
2) Concerto No. 2 f-moll op. 21


1) Mini Concerto C-dur
2) Concerto „Sakmė“ (“Saga”)

I. BERKOVICH: Concerto No. 2 C-dur op. 44

N. SILVANSKI: Little Concerto G-dur

A. ROWLEY: Miniature Concert G-dur

Y. POLUNIN: Concertino a-moll

Violin concertos:

W. A. Mozart:

1) Violin Concerto No. 3 in G major, K. 216
2) Violin Concerto No. 4 in D major, K. 218

J. B. Accolay: Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor

Note. In exceptional cases and with the organisers’ consent concertos with other instruments can be performed.

Appendix No.2

1. Accommodation can be booked at

2. For private accommodation (from 15 euro per day) you can contact the Competition director Antanina Laurenčikiene by email or phone +370 687 17148.

3. The Competition will take place in Druskininkai M. K. Čiurlionis Art school (Vytauto st. 23, Druskininkai). Organ soloists will play at Druskininkai St. Virgin Mary Scapular Church (Vilniaus Alley 1, LT-66119, Druskininkai).

4. You can find information about Druskininkai on the Internet site of Tourism and Business Information Centre at:

5. You can find information about Druskininkai city municipality at Druskininkų savvaldybė (

Appendix No.3

1. Harpsichord characteristics and tuning.

1.1. Harpsichord „G. C. Klop“, 1974. Two manuals – Ix8‘; Ix4‘; IIx8‘; additional lute and harp registers, copula II/I.

1.2. Harpsichord tuning a = 415 Hz (without the possibility of transposition), diapason F1 – f3 (from F1 to the f3).

Note. The participant must have a harpsichord tuning key and be able to tune the instrument himself.